For all of these herbs, the leaves are edible. The leaves can be harvested by cutting them off with scissors or pinching them off at the stem. Except for cilantro, herb flowers should be cut off in order to encourage more leaves to grow.

Mint: Mint has a purple colored stem and green leaves. This plant can send shoots through a bed and take over other plants’ space if not planted in its own bed or regularly cut back. Mint is a perennial.

Basil: Basil requires a larger area to grow in than other herbs. Basil does not take over a bed like basil, but it does become tall, wide, and bushy. Basil can be cut back to a smaller size if desired.

Chives: The chives have been in the herb bed since before the ozone garden was started. There had been a garden in the same spot previously, and the chives were from that original garden. Therefore, chives are perennials.

Oregano: Oregano has small leaves that hold a large amount of flavor. Oregano is a perennial.




Cilantro: The leaves of this plant are known as cilantro. However, cilantro plants grow another spice as well. When the flowers of this plant become old and dry, they have become coriander.

Sage: Sage is a perennial, yet the stems of the plant must be cut down to the base of the soil when the plant starts to appear dead in winter.