More Edible Plants

Dragon Cayenne Peppers: This type of pepper is very hot! The plant grows upward and bushy. The peppers are thin, and start out green. The peppers are ready to be harvested once they turn red.

Dinosaur Kale: Kale leaves can be eaten raw or cooked. The plant starts small, and eventually becomes taller and wider. The leaves grow in a circle around one main stem. Pick the lower larger leaves first because they are older. To harvest the leaves, rip them where the leaf meets the stem. The leaf should rip or snap off.

Bok Choi: Bok Choi should be planted in the fall, and will continue to grow in cold weather. Click here to read about bolting and what parts of the plant are edible.


Salad Greens: Like bok choi, salad greens are planted in the fall.