Frost in the Garden

As we enter the new year many of our plants at the Ozone Garden have died from the freezing temperatures.  Despite this we have still experienced record breaking warm temperatures during Autumn and December of this past year.  A recent climate summit established that 2016 superseded 2015 as the warmest year of record.  Therefore it is unsurprising that we have experienced frost in the Ozone Garden later than usual. After a record breaking warm November 2016 we experienced our first freezing temperatures on December 16 when the overnight low dipped into the teens.

In mid January I observed many of the plants in the Ozone Garden had died while others were covered in a layer of frost. Luckily the garden is not totally barren since many of our plants are frost resistant. We also harvested carrots and arugula from the staff plot in the last week of January. While carrots generally fare well in cold climates, leaving them in the cold for too long will cause them to decompose.  When I was walking through the garden I was fascinated by the frost coating some of the frost resistant plants. As you can see in the pictures from last month, the kale plant (which is now one of the only plants left alive) is covered in a clear layer of frost.  

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