Removing Tomatoes

Last month at the Ozone Garden many of our seasonal plants were dying and it was time for us to remove the plants that had past their prime.  We had a large crop of grape tomatoes in the volunteer plot.  In fact, large is probably an understatement. In reality we had six plants that had grown so unruly and tangled that together they more closely resembled a hedge bush. The leaves had been waiting for a long time, the stems had become brittle, and the tomatoes were long finished growing. It was clear the tomatoes had past their growing cycle and we could use the space they were occupying for other purposes.

Our plan for that day was to remove the entire tomato crop from that plot of soil. We also wanted to save about half of the tomatoes because they were ripe. It was important to bring a shovel, gloves, a garbage can, garden pliers, and a basket to collect the ripe tomatoes. I could not reach the roots since the plant had grown out so much.  Therefore I had to use the pliers to cut through many of the mangled vines before I could reach down and uproot the plants. After removing all the plants I picked up all the tomatoes that had fallen into the soil as well as the ones outside the soil plot.  Since I wanted to salvage all the ripe tomatoes I went through each of the tomato plants pulled out all the tomatoes, saving the ripe ones and tossing the unripe tomatoes.  After sifting through the remaining tomatoes I proceeded to throw out the plants. The entire process took around two hours.  Removing the plants was time-consuming because they had grown so unruly.  It also took time to clean up the soil and sift through the tomatoes because there were so many of them.

Finished at Last!

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