Fall Planting Continues

At the Ozone Garden, we want to make the best of the fall growing season. Therefore, this past weekend we planted more peas, carrots, and green beans. We saw that another bed of carrots and peas had grown significantly, so we are hoping to yield a good crop from this batch as well.  

The first task was to pull the wildflowers from the bed we intended to use. Next, we had to till the dry soil. Then, we divided the bed into three plots for each plant. We placed the carrot plot in between the peas and beans so we would not confuse the two. Carrots and peas look similar during the initial stages of growth.  Our next task was to place the seeds in the soil. We placed the peas and green beans a couple of inches apart from each other in their respective plots. We sprinkled the carrot seeds throughout their bed because we had so many of them. After we covered the seeds, the last thing we had to do was add the topsoil. We add this to enrich the soil and create better growing conditions for the seeds. Now we’ll just wait for them to grow!
Written by Colin Malefakis

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