DIY Fly Trap

Lately, we have had a very large number of flies on the milkweed. Flies like to eat the honeydew that gathers on the leaves as aphids digest the plant’s milk-like fluids. There have been so many flies that more than one can be spotted on a leaf at once. The flies will not die from the potassium spray we use to get rid of whiteflies, aphids, and moths. Instead, we made our own bug trap to reduce the number of flies.

To make your own fly trap, you will need a large soda bottle with some soda only filling less than half the bottle. Cut the top off the bottle horizontally. Remove the cap, and place the top of the bottle upside down inside the bottom of the bottle. Make sure the soda is only below the opening. Last, staple the two pieces of plastic together.

The fly trap works by attracting the flies through the small opening to get to the sugary soda. Then, the flies get stuck in the bottom and drown. However, this trap is not always successful. Sometimes, the flies will not go in or find a way out. Still, it will catch a few flies. Just throw the trap in the trash later. 


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