Harvesting Root Vegetables

In late July, we harvested plants we had grown from seeds for the first time. While the other seed types we planted had not survived, the carrots and onions were ready to be dug out of the ground. The onions were smaller than ones you tend to find in the store, but the carrots were large and numerous. We should have thinned out the carrots earlier in the season. Thinning carrots out is when you remove some of the plants when they are young to give the rest room to grow. Since we did not do this earlier, we harvested some of the carrots and left the rest to grow larger.

While we were digging the carrots out of the ground, some of the kindergartners in the Discovery Camp came over to see what we were doing. The campers were excited by all the different colored carrots, since they were not all orange like the ones that you tend to see in grocery stores. We let the campers wash off and eat some carrots, and they ran back for seconds! This shows not all kids dislike vegetables.

We also harvested our ozone tolerant and ozone sensitive potatoes. It was clear that the ozone sensitive potatoes were smaller in size, and we plan to weigh them for further comparison. It is possible for ozone to reduce the yields of crops, though we would need to do more testing to know if ozone caused the reduced size in the potatoes in our garden for sure.

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