The Garden Expanded!

In September 2015, twelve new raised beds were added to Science Park near the Ozone Garden. However, these beds are not managed by the Ozone Garden volunteers. Instead, Franklin Institute staff from other departments now have their own beds to maintain. The staff grow a variety of plants, including strawberries, pansies, eggplant, lavender, peppers, and tomatoes. Some of these plants are the same as the kinds in the Ozone Garden while others have not been grown in any of the beds before.

One of the new beds is being cared for by the Discovery Camp. In past years, children in the Discovery Camp had just taken tours in our Ozone Garden. This year, the campers are growing their own wildflowers in their bed. By having their own bed to care for, campers will also be learning to identify common unwanted plants, also known as weeds.  




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