Update on Growth of Plants

Over the last few weeks, we have seen many changes in our garden. Some plants have sprouted or became much bigger, while others did not survive. This post will discuss how our plants are doing.


Back in April, we planted seven types of seeds in the old snapbean and potato beds. Of these seeds, only the carrots and onions have sprouted. We also germinated some seeds on a windowsill inside, and then transplanted the seedlings into the beds. The seedlings unfortunately died. It is possible that the seeds and seedlings were eaten by bugs, birds, and other animals. Since the tomato seeds we planted did not sprout, in June, we transplanted well-developed tomato plants into the beds like we have in past years.

Also in April, we planted both ozone tolerant and ozone sensitive potatoes in the old tomato beds from germinated eyes of the potatoes. These plants have sprouted and continue to grow. We have also seen potato plants pop out of the soil in beds we planted them in last year. These likely came back from potatoes we missed while harvesting in the fall.



The coneflowers have gone from their bushy stage to starting to grow more vertically, with the tallest one being 71 inches tall. None have broken last year’s record of being over 6 ft tall yet.


The milkweed have started to approach the height they had last year as well. The milkweed have also attracted an ecosystem of bugs already, which we had to lessen by releasing ladybugs in order to prevent the milkweed from dying. Other years, we sprayed some of the aphids and other bugs off.
In addition to getting bigger, the milkweed, coneflowers, tomatoes, and potatoes all have flowers now. Soon there will be seed pods and fruit to harvest.


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