Community Gardens Day 2016

Last Saturday, the Franklin Institute Ozone Garden was open to the public for Community Gardens Day 2016. Community Gardens Day is organized by our partner, the Neighborhood Gardens Trust. This was the third annual Community Gardens Day, and the first one our garden participated in. Our garden was one of forty-two around Philadelphia who participated in this event. The goal of Community Gardens Day is to celebrate and share the importance of having gardens for the people who live locally and for the environment. For more information, see the Neighborhood Gardens Trust’s website.


Some of our volunteers were present to explain the research project we are conducting, take guests on tours through the garden, and answer questions. There were also Franklin Institute staff who have been maintaining their own beds outside the Ozone Garden. We also had an activity for visitors that used a model street to show how the color of surfaces affect their temperature and how trees can cool off an area.

While we were all in the garden, we used the time before and after guests came to stake some plants, water, remove weeds, and transplant a few tomato plants into the beds.


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