Planting Seeds

This year, we decided to try to grow some of our plants from seeds. In the past two years, we only planted seedlings, beans, and potato eyes. Some of the plants we had seeds for are the same types of plants we have grown before, such as basil and cherry tomatoes.


To plant from seeds, we dug trenches in the beds. The size and space between each bed depended on the type of plant. Then, we put a layer of compost in the bottom of each trench, sprinkled tiny seeds throughout, and then covered the seeds with soil. We planted strawberries, carrots, onions, cherry tomatoes, cilantro, basil, and sunflower seeds.

For the sunflower seeds, we had to dig deep holes that were six inches apart. The holes were supposed to be two feet deep, but we hit a very hard layer of clay soil, and then piled soil on top instead of digging deeper. The soil higher up was very soft from the rain we received the day before.

In the tomato beds, we placed the tomato cages over where the seeds were planted. Hopefully, the tomatoes will grow up into the tomato cages, but we may have to preposition the cages after the seeds germinate.

The last step in planting the seeds was to water the garden. The seeds will need extra watering to encourage them to germinate, but no more than once a day.



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