Tilling Soil + Return of Herbs

This week, we were outside preparing our empty beds for new plants. We started by removing any weeds, leaving the beds bare except for any perennials that had returned. All weeds and plant debris from dead annuals went in our compost bin, along with some coffee grounds we brought outside with us. Then, in beds that used to contain annuals, we used shovels to break up the soil and rakes to turn and smooth the beds. The old tomato beds looked like they had lost soil over winter, so we added a large amount of fresh topsoil and raked it in. The newer soil was a different color than the old layer.

While in the garden, we noticed more of our plants had come back, and ones that had already returned, such as the coneflowers and chives, were now bigger.

Among dead stems from last year, new mint and oregano leaves had grown.


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