The Plants are Back!

This week’s warmer weather was perfect for returning to working outside in the garden. The temperature went up to the high seventies (degrees Fahrenheit) after being in only the thirties a little more than a week before. However, it was more than higher temperatures that brought us outside. The main reason we went out into the garden was because some of the perennials had begun to peak above ground.

Specifically, most of the coneflowers now had multiple small stems and leaves, and the chives were now a cluster of tiny stems instead of bare soil. The milkweed and a few other perennials still have not come above ground though.

Some plants, such as pansies, had never had their stems die and had not gone dormant for winter. They remained as they were in the fall throughout the winter and now early spring.

Along with plants in our garden, the nearby tree was also responding to the coming spring. Tiny buds for new leaves could be seen on the tree if we zoomed in with our camera. The tree had also left us work by dropping dozens of seed pods throughout the garden. We used a rake to gather up the seed pods and other debris that had built over winter. We pulled dead annuals that were still in the garden out of the ground.
The weeds also made a return, and had to be removed. With weed removal, we will also need to start watering and completing other work that is part of regular garden maintenance again soon.


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