Getting Soil Ready

Once March arrives, remove all weeds and dead plants from your soil when first heading outside. Your garden should be bare except for any perennials that have started to peek out of the soil. Then, place a layer of compost over every bed. This will put more nutrients in the soil. In beds that had held annuals only, use a shovel or rake to mix in the compost and turn the soil. Do not step in any of the beds while doing this. You want loosen the soil, not compress it under your feet.   After this, you can start … Continue reading Getting Soil Ready

Preparing for Spring

It will be time to start working outside in the garden again next month (March). That means that now is the time to start planning what to grow, who will help, what materials you need to get, and what the layout of your garden will be this year.   Deciding What to Grow There are many options of edible plants you can grow, but depending on the type, you could be planting it in the ground at different times ranging from March to December. While you can plant one spring species in a bed, harvest it, and plant a fall … Continue reading Preparing for Spring

Nicolette’s Sautéed Chicken with Garlic and Chives Recipe

Chives are one of the herbs we grow in our garden. Here is a recipe written by Nicolette Scott that uses the chives. Ingredients: Boneless chicken breast Garlic Chives Butter Lemon Qudoba chicken seasoning Black pepper Honey   Season chicken breast with qudoba seasoning. Place chicken breast on the grill or in the oven until cooked thoroughly. When finished, cut chicken into strips. Chop a 1/2 cup of garlic and 2 cups of chives into cubes. Put a half of stick of butter in the pan. When the butter is melted, throw the diced garlic and chives in the pan … Continue reading Nicolette’s Sautéed Chicken with Garlic and Chives Recipe