Some Plants Wither in Winter

The large milkweed and coneflower stalks are drying out. The tomato plants are turning yellow and dying. This happens every winter. Some of our plants die as the weather becomes colder while fall crops, such as pansies, bok choy, and spinach, live on through the snow and cold. The perennials, which include the milkweed and coneflowers, will grow back next spring, just as they did earlier this year. However, the tomatoes and most of the herbs will need replanting.

As the plants die, we cut away the dead stems. The once six foot coneflowers are now bushy, and currently shorter than the kale. Eventually, all of the coneflowers will go away for a few months. The milkweed bed is now empty. The milkweed stems were covered in aphids and milkweed beetles, among other bugs, before we cut the dead stems away.

Meanwhile, our salad greens and bok choy are no longer seedlings, but big full plants ready for pruning and eating!


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