Transferring Data from Paper onto the Computer

Once a week over the summer, we collected data on ozone damage for each type of plant we were studying. We have studied coneflowers, snapbeans, and milkweed for the past two summers. Each time, we collected the data on paper charts.

In order to graph our results and look at all the data at once, we needed to transfer our data to a computer. We are using a program called Igor Pro to do this. Each number we had written down on paper had to be carefully typed into tables in Igor. The process was repetitive, and took a few hours. However, once all the data was in Igor, we could make graphs within minutes. We could look at different ranges of time, and compare the ozone data collected from our ozone monitor with the ozone damage data. By comparing the amount of ozone in the air to the amount of damage on the plants, we can make conclusions on how the ozone affects the plants.


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