Plants of Our Second Year

2015 has been the second year for our garden. Many of our plants are the same as last year. The coneflowers, milkweed, and chives grew back on their own because they are perennials. We also planted cherry tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, basil, and snap beans again.

In addition to plants from last year, we added more types of herbs. We now have dill, mint, lemon thyme, cilantro, sage. The dill, chives and basil grow really nice flowers, which we cut and put in vases. Normally you should harvest herbs before they flower, because it loses flavor. We also planted dinosaur kale, squash, and dragon cayenne peppers (hot!). The squash developed powdery mildew which unfortunately killed the whole plant. Finally, we planted two varieties of potatoes, one ozone sensitive and one ozone tolerant. More on this next week.  Like last year, we had multiple large harvests of food from these plants.

6.22.15  (24)
Our Herbs

We are growing coneflowers, milkweed, and snap beans again because we can study their sensitivity to ozone. To learn more, see our posts on ozone sensitive plants, tagging, and collecting data.

6.22.15  (31)


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