Tagging Plants to Study

One of the main purposes of the ozone garden is to track ozone damage on the plants. To do this, we monitor damage on individual leaves over the course of months. Each season, once our perennials have grown leaves again and our annuals have sprouted, we tie jewelry tags to leaves we want to study. Materials Used for Tagging The number of each leaf is written on the jewelry tag with a permanent marker. A metal tag is tied near the base of each plant we are studying. We wrote the plant IDs on the metal tags by pressing on them … Continue reading Tagging Plants to Study

What are Weeds?

One of the main tasks that needs to be done in a garden is removing weeds from the garden. Weeds are any plant you did not put in the ground or are a different species than the ones you want. How Do You Get Rid of Them? Pull up one plant at a time. Gather all the leaves and stem of a plant into your hand, and grasp it near the roots with your fingers. Pull upward until the roots are out of the ground. Pound it against the ground lightly to put dirt back. If the stem breaks, dig … Continue reading What are Weeds?