Attack of the Spider Mites

In 2014, we found a morning glory plant growing on the edge of the snap bean beds. At first, we decided to keep the morning glory for their beautiful purple flowers. We wrapped their vines around our fence to make it look nice. The morning glory continued to grow until it was wrapped around the entire perimeter of the snap bean beds. The morning glory grew faster than the snap beans. As it grew, it entangled itself within the snap bean stems. One day, we noticed tiny white dots on the morning glory. As we researched what type of damage … Continue reading Attack of the Spider Mites

Garden Work

There are a few tasks that need to be completed in the garden almost every day in order to keep the plants alive and healthy. These are jobs such as watering and weeding. These tasks can become very repetitive, though necessary in order to maintain the garden. Watering: When we first started working in the garden, we used to refill watering cans until all the beds were wet. A few weeks later, we got two hoses, which when joined together were long enough to reach from a faucet on the side of the Franklin Institute to the garden. We have … Continue reading Garden Work