Frost in the Garden

As we enter the new year many of our plants at the Ozone Garden have died from the freezing temperatures.  Despite this we have still experienced record breaking warm temperatures during Autumn and December of this past year.  A recent … Continue reading Frost in the Garden

Congratulations to Our Departing Volunteers

Congratulations to Teagan, Nicolette, and Brigit. After graduating from high school last spring, this was their last summer volunteering in the Ozone Garden. Both Tea and Brigid have volunteered in the Ozone Garden for two summers while Nicolette has been a volunteer for three summers. Altogether, Nicolette, Brigit, and Teagan have volunteered for over 200 hours. Each of them will be heading to college in just a few days. Brigit will be going to the University of New Orleans to study environmental science and humanities. Teagan will be studying botany at the National University of Ireland, Galway. Nicolette be studying … Continue reading Congratulations to Our Departing Volunteers